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Sasol fuels supply chain efficiency with SAP Ariba deployment

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, February 19, 2021 -/ African Media Agency(AMA)/- Successfully navigating a business through uncertain times requires that decision-makers have full visibility over every aspect of the business in order to make accurate, informed decisions. For one of South…

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An invitation: Who is telling Africa’s story Webinar

Virtual: 11 February 2021, -/African Media Agency (AMA)/- If you found out that one-third of ALL stories that appear in African media outlets about other African countries were written by western news sources would you be concerned?   We were. And that’s…

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Africa’s first Africa-focused Brand Leadership Academy

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, 10 February 2021, -/African Media Agency (AMA)/- Brand Africa founder, Thebe Ikalafeng, today announced the launch of the Africa Brand Leadership Academy (ABLA), the first Africa-focused specialist brand leadership academy aimed at sharpening the minds that build…

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African Media Agency Further Expands across Africa

First media services company to establish presence in 14 African countries  Women-owned and led;  dedicated to gender equality and the other SDGs   ABIDJAN, CĂŽte d’Ivoire, February 3, 2021,-/African Media Agency (AMA)/- Leading pan African media relations and communications firm, African Media Agency (AMA)…

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Djibouti pursues its ambitious growth projects in 2021

DJIBOUTI, Djibouti, 3 February, 2021, -/African Media Agency (AMA)/- In spite of the particularly challenging international economic situation arising from the health crisis, the Republic of Djibouti has entered the year 2021 with determination. According to the World Bank’s Global…

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World NTD Day: Africa says No to Neglected Tropical Diseases

Speak Up Africa, Basketball African League, Ecobank Group, Tongoro, Observateur Ebene, Fatou Guinea, the No to NTDs Civil Society Network, African journalists and RBS Crew take action to end Neglected Tropical Diseases DAKAR, Senegal, February 1st, 2021,-/African Media Agency (AMA)/- On…

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Amen Healthcare and Empowerment Foundation invites the press to a roundtable on neglected tropical diseases (NTDs), mass drug administration, and WHO 2030 NTD roadmap

MEDIA ADVISORY LAGOS, Nigeria, 26, January, 2020,-/African Media Agency (AMA)/-  On behalf of Amen Healthcare and Empowerment Foundation, we would like to invite the media to a roundtable on AMEN’s projects in Nigeria focused on ending neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) through mass drugs administration, community engagement, and multi-sectoral…

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eLife Publishes AIMS Researcher’s Paper on HIV Treatment

KIGALI, Rwanda, 26 January 2021, -/African Media Agency (AMA)/- The eLife journal has published an article titled “A Mechanistic Model for long-term Immunological outcomes in South African HIV-infected Children and Adults receiving ART”, following a recent study. Led by Eva…

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Here’s what happened on the last day of NEF-GG 2020

KIGALI, Rwanda, December 12, 2020,-/African Media Agency (AMA)/-The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) has just concluded the first-ever virtual edition of the Next Einstein Forum Global Gathering (NEF-GG), Africa’s largest scientific gathering. Organized against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, under…

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NamPower lights up innovation potential with S/4HANA Go-Live

Key Words: Changing Customer and Market Needs, Operational Efficiency, Utilisation of Resources, Next-Generation Business Suite, Innovation, On-Premise Implementation, Business Process Migration, Business Continuity, Business Analytics, Internet of Things(IoT), Digital Core, Machine Learning, Intelligent Enterprise. WINDHOEK, Namibia, January 6, 2020 -/ African…

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KIGALI, Rwanda, December 21, 2020,-/African Media Agency (AMA)/-The NEF Fellows program recognises Africa’s best young scientists and technologists. These innovators and emerging leaders, all under 42 years, at least 40 percent of whom are women, are chosen for their strong scientific…

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LAGOS, Nigeria, December 17, 2020,-/African Media Agency (AMA)/- Post-pandemic recovery will be the main theme (front and centre) at the 2020 Virtual Edition of the African Insurance Awards hosted by the Africa Re Group (African Reinsurance Corporation) and sponsored by the Africa Re Foundation for…

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Highlights from NEF-GG 2020: Day Two

KIGALI, Rwanda, December 10, 2020,-/African Media Agency (AMA)/-The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) has hosted the first-ever virtual edition of the Next Einstein Forum Global Gathering (NEF-GG), Africa’s largest scientific gathering. Organized against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, under the…

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Burundi: UN Should Ensure Regular Rights Briefings

Security Council Scrutiny Vital to Justice, Reform NEW YORK, USA, December 10, 2020,-/African Media Agency (AMA)/-The United Nations Security Council should continue to monitor the worrying human rights situation in Burundi with a particular focus on ongoing violations and accountability, Human Rights…

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Widespread regional challenges pervasive in Central Africa

Insecurity continues to plague Central Africa, the UN envoy for the region told the Security Council on Wednesday, highlighting concern for cross-border violence.  NEW YORK, USA, December 10, 2020,-/African Media Agency (AMA)/-Special Representative François LouncĂ©ny Fall cited recent visits to Cameroon and…

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Highlights from NEF-GG 2020: Day One

KIGALI, Rwanda, December 9, 2020,-/African Media Agency (AMA)/-The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) is currently hosting the first-ever virtual edition of the Next Einstein Forum Global Gathering (NEF-GG), Africa’s largest scientific gathering. Organized against the backdrop of the COVID-19…

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NEF-GG 2020 kicks off today! Here’s what you should know

KIGALI, Rwanda, December 8, 2020,-/African Media Agency (AMA)/- The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) kicked off the first-ever virtual edition of the Next Einstein Forum Global Gathering (NEF-GG), Africa’s largest scientific gathering today, 8 December 2020. Organized against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic,…

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Building Sustainable Businesses in the Next Normal

By Claudio Muruzabal, SAP President for Southern Europe, Middle East and Africa JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, December 7, 2020 -/ African Media Agency(AMA)/- Before Covid-19 came along, I was used to travelling more than 42 weeks a year. In the last…

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NEF Global Gathering 2020 Attractions

KIGALI, Rwanda, December 4, 2020,-/African Media Agency (AMA)/-  Scientists, researchers, delegates and key decision makers from Africa and around the globe will convene for the the first-ever virtual edition of the Next Einstein Forum Global Gathering (NEF-GG), Africa’s largest scientific gathering from 8-10 December…

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AIMS to host its first online Next Einstein Forum Global Gathering

KIGALI, Rwanda, December 3, 2020,-/African Media Agency (AMA)/-  The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) will host the first-ever virtual edition of the Next Einstein Forum Global Gathering (NEF-GG), Africa’s largest scientific gathering from 8-10 December 2020. Organized against the backdrop of the…

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Gruesome Boko Haram Killings in Northeast Nigeria

Authorities Should Prioritize Civilian Protection NEW YORK, USA, December 03, 2020,-/African Media Agency (AMA)/-Suspected Boko Haram insurgents reportedly killed at least 70 civilians this weekend, many of them farmers working on a rice field. The attackers tied up many of the victims before slitting…

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Uniting Business for A Stronger Africa

Business and UN leaders to chart the path forward for a sustainable Africa By Naomi Nwokolo (Executive Director, UN Global Compact Network Nigeria) LAGOS, Nigeria, December 2, 2020,-/African Media Agency (AMA)/- On 3 December 2020, the United Nations Global Compact will…

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Uniting Business for A Stronger Africa

Business and UN leaders to chart the path forward for a sustainable Africa By Dr Achieng Ojwang, Executive Director of Global Compact Network South Africa. JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, December 2, 2020,-/African Media Agency (AMA)/- On 3 December, the United Nations Global…

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Tanzania: Burundian Refugees ‘Disappeared,’ Tortured

Halt Forced Returns; Investigate Police, Intelligence Services NEW YORK, USA, November 30, 2020,-/African Media Agency (AMA)/- Tanzanian authorities have gravely abused at least 18 Burundian refugees and asylum seekers since late 2019. The whereabouts of several who were forcibly disappeared remain unknown, and additional…

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AIMS and Portia

AIMS and Portia host the 18th Gender Summit

KIGALI, Rwanda, November 23, 2020,-/African Media Agency (AMA)/-  Today, the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS), together with Portia Ltd, will host a virtual ceremony to kick off the 18th Gender Summit (GS18). Organized on the side lines of the  Next Einstein…

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UN rights chief Bachelet condemns Tanzania election violence

The people of Tanzania should be allowed to express grievances “without fear of reprisals” after nationwide elections, UN rights chief Michelle Bachelet said on Tuesday.  NEW YORK, USA, November 12, 2020,-/African Media Agency (AMA)/-In a statement, the High Commissioner for Human…

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Conférence de Presse en Ligne

Les frontiĂšres terrestres ne doivent pas constituer des obstacles Ă  la dissĂ©mination de votre message. GrĂące Ă  notre service de confĂ©rence de presse en ligne, nous vous offrons l’opportunitĂ© de vous rapprocher des mĂ©dias africains, chaque fois que vous en aurez besoin.​

Nos services comprennent:​



Digital Communications

Today, social networks constitute an organization’s first point of contact with a user and a potential customer. At first glance, you need to convince of the relevance and quality of your content to stimulate and motivate the user to go further. We create consistently inspiring online strategy to meet business objectives, engage stakeholders and enhance our client brand’s reputation internally and externally.​


Communication​ digitale

Les rĂ©seaux sociaux reprĂ©sentent aujourd’hui le premier point de contact d’une organisation avec un utilisateur et un client potentiel. Au premier coup d’Ɠil, vous devez le convaincre de la pertinence et de la qualitĂ© de votre contenu pour l’inciter Ă  aller plus loin. Nous crĂ©ons pour vous une stratĂ©gie de communication prĂ©cise et adaptĂ©e sur les rĂ©seaux sociaux pour atteindre les objectifs commerciaux, impliquer les parties prenantes et amĂ©liorer la rĂ©putation de votre marque en interne et en externe.​

Promotion​ d’Ă©vĂ©nements

Le succĂšs d’un Ă©vĂ©nement rĂ©side en moitiĂ© dans sa promotion. Peu importe la beautĂ© de l’évĂ©nement, la qualitĂ© des orateurs et de l’ordre du jour, si personne ne rapporte ou ne parle de votre Ă©vĂ©nement, vos efforts seront vains. Nous vous aidons Ă  façonner votre rĂ©cit et Ă  crĂ©er un engouement autour de votre Ă©vĂ©nement. De l’annonce de l’Ă©vĂ©nement Ă  la tenue de celui-ci, nous accompagnons votre effort de planification et le reflĂ©tons sur toutes les plateformes mĂ©diatiques.​

Formation​ MĂ©diatique

Nous fournissons Ă  vos porte-paroles les outils nĂ©cessaires pour prĂ©senter vos principaux messages et rĂ©pondre avec confiance et cohĂ©rence aux questions. Notre formation est organisĂ©e soit Ă  distance ou en prĂ©sentiel, avec des Ă©tudes de cas rĂ©els et des rĂ©pĂ©titions. Nos clients repartent avec le sentiment d’ĂȘtre Ă  l’aise devant les journalistes et d’agir en tant qu’ambassadeurs de la marque.​

Veille​ MĂ©diatique

Nous mesurons votre portĂ©e en relations publiques et rendons compte des informations de votre industrie et des activitĂ©s de vos  concurrents en surveillant la majoritĂ© des canaux de diffusion dans toute l’Afrique. Une veille mĂ©diatique complĂšte et opportune est essentielle pour s’assurer que vous ne manquez aucune rĂ©fĂ©rence Ă  votre marque, que vous ĂȘtes constamment informĂ© de ce qui se passe dans votre industrie et que vous ĂȘtes prĂȘt Ă  saisir les opportunitĂ©s et Ă  rĂ©duire les risques en temps opportun.​

Relations​ MĂ©dia

Peu importe le lieu oĂč ils se trouvent, nous sommes une source d‘informations fiables pour les journalistes qui Ă©crivent sur l’Afrique. Nous nous connaissons mutuellement et ils nous font confiance, car nous leur fournissons un contenu crĂ©dible qui les aide dans leurs tĂąches. Nous nous entretenons quotidiennement avec des journalistes aux quatre coins du continent, ce qui fait de nous l’un des organismes les plus efficaces pour mener des campagnes de relations avec les mĂ©dias.

Stratégie et développement de contenu

Nous crĂ©ons des stratĂ©gies de communication intelligentes, bien documentĂ©es et spĂ©cialisĂ©es destinĂ©es Ă  vous aider Ă  construire un rĂ©cit fort qui engagera votre audience. Nous travaillons en synergie avec vous afin de rĂ©diger des communiquĂ©s de presse et des articles d’opinions qui alimentent le rĂ©cit de votre entreprise. Notre Ă©quipe a une expĂ©rience approfondie dans la crĂ©ation de rĂ©cits et le dĂ©veloppement de contenu multimĂ©dia.


C’est le service phare d’AMA. Nous avons mis en place des canaux de diffusion des communiquĂ©s de presse auprĂšs des journalistes des 54 États africains ainsi qu’auprĂšs des journalistes amĂ©ricains et europĂ©ens couvrant les sujets relatifs aux marchĂ©s Ă©mergents.​

​Nos services comprennent:​



Event Promotion

Half of the success of an event lays in its promotion. Doesn’t matter how beautiful the event is, how wonderful the speakers and the agenda are, if no one reports or talks about your event, your efforts are gone. We help you shape the narrative and create a drumbeat around your event. From the announce all the way to the outcome of the event, we accompany your planning effort and echo it through all media platforms

Media Training

We provide your spokespeople with the tools to present your key messages and answer questions with confidence and coherence. Our training is organised either remotely or face-to- face, with real case studies and rehearsals. Our clients leave feeling comfortable being in front of reporters and acting as brand ambassadors.

Media Monitoring

We measure and report on
your PR reach, industry news, and competitive activity by monitoring most channels in North, West, Central, East and Southern Africa. Comprehensive and timely media monitoring is critical to ensuring that you don’t miss any reporting of your brand,
you’re constantly informed on what’s going on around your business, and you’re ready to capitalise on opportunities and mitigate
risks in a timely fashion..

Media Relations

We have become an authoritative source of news for reporters writing about Africa, wherever they are. We know them, they know us, and they trust us for providing them with timely and accurate content that helps them do their job. We speak to reporters on a daily basis in all corners of the continent and this makes us one of the most effective agencies in running media relations campaigns.

Strategy & Content Development

We create smart and localised communications strategies to help build a strong narrative that will engage your audiences. We partner with you to create press releases and thought leadership pieces that sustain a drumbeat for your company’s narrative. Our team have deep experience in shaping narratives and developing media content.


This is AMA’s flagship service. We have set up channels of distribution towards the journalists of the 54 African states, as well as to American journalists and European journalists covering emerging markets issues.
Our service includes:

Editorial advice

Localised editorial piece when needed

Distribution to the major print, broadcast and online publications along with industry-specific publications

Follow-up calls to secure interview request

Guaranteed distribution to

Distribution to Bloomberg, LexisNexis and Thomson Reuters

Social Media Reach: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram

Full online monitoring and print monitoring when available. Includesreadership stats and Advertising Value Equivalent

Translation in French, Arabic and Portuguese available